BeeTracker - Your Right Step to Safety

Smart wearable tracking device
for those whom you care about most

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Particles empowered BeeTracker, is a wearable smart tracking device for your loved ones. BeeTracker learns its activities and suggests places as possible safe zones, once confirmed you will receive notifications when the wearer enters or leaves those places.

Tracking Mode

During an emergency, you can turn on tracking mode and BeeTracker will keep updating its location.

Activity History

Look up where your child went in the past seven days.

Dynamic Fast Positioning

The faster BeeTracker moves, the more often it updates its location.

Indoor and Outdoor Positioning

BeeTracker uses a blend of GPS, AGPS, WiFi, and Cell ID to position both indoors and outdoors.

Long Battery Life

Our high-power battery lasts a long time without sacrificing accuracy or reliability.

Circle of Love

Follow many BeeTracker devices and a BeeTracker device can be shared with many people.

How It Works!!

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Product Features

BeeTracker with extensive feature list, communicates with the app through 2G cellular network. You will need to prepare an SIM card with SMS and data service. (Works with 2G, 3G, 4G SIM cards) Monthly data usage is about 30MB.

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What it Does

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The BeeTracker app powered by Particles lets parents check their child’s location from their phone. This app works together with BeeTracker Box-- the smart tracking device that uses a blend of GPS, AGPS, Wi-Fi, and Cell ID-- to provide accurate positioning of a child, both indoors and outdoors. Parents will be able to see the location of their child with the BeeTracker device via this app. The BeeTracker app is secure, easy to use, and creates a circle of love for the child.

User Guide

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